I mean, c'mon man. At least try to make the lies you spread plausible. I have never seem any president's college transcripts, why would I expect to see Obamas and where did Obama get multi millions from.


TrackCoach wrote: exthrower wrote: Both were the product of affirmative action The only thing your question will lead to is a bunch of wacky conspiracy theories She full on hates white people and doesn't write at the level of a Princeton grad. Black people might have some justification for anger, no? Podunk U. I am also a published novelist and essayist. There is nothing wrong with the writing level exhibited in Michelle Obama's senior thesis.

The writing is clear, articulate, and exhibits a solid, if unspectacular, vocabulary, especially for a year old college student.

Michelle Obama's thesis unblocked, by Steve Sailer - The Unz Review

I concur. I'm also a published author and pretty far to the right politically. I found her prose thoughtful, clear more often than not, and not at all militant. Instead of excerpts, I skimmed the entire thesis I'd say her thought processes and conclusions were very good for a year-old.

I especially liked how she wrote about her surprise that some of the results did not meet her expectations. Fun Fact: Howard University transcripts make great scrap paper that a potential employer can use to take notes on candidates they will actually consider for the job. Shakira Marmalade Queen Washington just won't do, but thanks for the chuckle. Many, many, many Ivy League students write at a lower level.

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The paper is one that, given our mediocre K education system and the fact that most Americans do not graduate from college, that most people would not be able to match in terms of its rhetorical and scholarly acumen. Hitch was a great writer, a scribe obviously of a much higher caliber than Michelle Obama. He was also known for his unmitigated snark, and perhaps that is what is on display in the comment attributed to him.

Nonetheless, Michelle admitted to her audience that she had "a little [bit of an] impostor syndrome. What do I know? I share that with you because we all have doubts in our abilities, about our power and what power is. However, D'Souza made sure he addressed her controversial comment about leaders being "not that smart.

During Barack Obama's presidential campaign, Michelle's college thesis made headlines after Princeton University restricted access to it until the election was over. After several conservative bloggers publicized the restriction, the Obama campaign was forced to release the thesis in full, which was first obtained by Politico. It was only then that Princeton University followed suit and unblocked access to her work.

At the time, renowned author, the late Christopher Hitchens, was quick to tear into the thesis titled 'Princeton Educated Blacks and the Black Community', having been a fierce critic of Obama's presidency before his death in According to him, Michelle had made a "narrow choice of subject" simply because she was a "black woman at Princeton.

WWS Undergraduate Thesis Day 2014

I was responding to the Asian guy. Not you.

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  • Her senior thesis doesn't say that.
  • essay on videogames and violence?

When you are ledby tribal customs it's not a difficult reach to control your culture with government. I wasn't sure so I thought I'd insult all Asians while I was insulting you.

What a Joke: Michelle Robinson-Obama’s BA Thesis

It's hard playing this racist role. Just trying to keep up.

Btw, have you ever noticed how peaceful Asians are in general compared to blacks and whites? The Chinese are a pretty peaceful throughout history.


Dinesh D'Souza Says Michelle Obama's College Thesis Was 'Illiterate and Incoherent'

Start New Topic. Back To Topics. More Options. Nevertheless, for the purposes of this essay, I did a very cursory reading of the Robinson paper and found the firstof many faulty pronoun antecedent errors, a grammatical problem the work never overcame. Is he out of prison yet? No seriously, is that criminal in prison?

No, and neither is Zimmerman nor officer Wilson. You are 0 for 3!